Zero budget Natural Farming (ZBNF)

Why old name Zero budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) is changed into new name Subhash Palekar Natural (Spiritual) Farming (SPNF)? –

Recently in these two years (2018-19, 2019-20) there is wide spread discussions and debates going on about Zero budget Natural (Spiritual) Farming throughout India and abroad, especially in the agricultural universities, in Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), in Non-Government Agencies (NGO’s), in all Governments, in variable social and spiritual organizations. During one gathering of best ZBNF model visit tour was organized by Hon Shri Aacharya Dev Wrat ji, Ex-Governor of Himachal Pradesh and now existing Governor of Gujarat in his Gurukul (University) at Kurukshetra, Haryana last year in 2018-19. Dr Trilokchand Mohapatra, Director General of ICAR, his research directors, ten vice chancellors of variable leading agricultural universities, more than hundred agricultural scientists and so many NGO’s, Social Spiritual Organizations, so many farmers and myself were present. In that gathering Dr Mohapatraji, Director General of ICAR and ten vice chancellors have discussed with me very frankly about the importance of Subhash Palekar Zero Budget Natural farming. In his speech director general of ICAR Dr Mohapatra has accepted the importance of Zero Budget Natural Farming and he said that he will take the comparative trials on three centres. In these discussions, some vice chancellors met me separately and have suggested me to change the name Zero Budget Natural Farming. They said there is no zero budget. Because, they were not known the actual definition of zero budget. But, it was not the time of debate. I answered them that I will rethink about this name. Basically they were supporter of ZBNF philosophy. But, their suggestions have committed me to rethink. So, I started to analyse the situation.

The real definition of Zero Budget Natural Farming is that – ‘The cost of production of main crop will be compensated by the income of intercrops and main crop will be net profit

When I have taken the review of entire practicing farmers, I found that, thousands of farmers are taking Paddy crop in wet land under Zero Budget Natural farming. They are filling continuous water in the paddy crop. So, they cannot sow the seed of intercrops in the standing water. In coastal India, there is continuous raining in rainy season and entire paddy field is sunken in rainwater. So, Zero Budget Natural Farmers cannot take intercrops in wet land paddy. But, they are having the cost of production. Because they are committed to hire the labours from outside for transplanting the paddy seedlings and for harvesting. Also, they have to give the electricity and irrigation water bill. So, there is definite cost of production, no doubt. If they cannot take the intercrop in wet paddy crop, then how we can claim that it is zero budgets? Because, they cannot compensate cost of production through the intercrops, as there is no intercrop present. Under Zero Budget Natural Farming, thousands of orchard growers have dense old plantation of Mango, Orange, Sweet Orange, Guava, Sapota (Chiku), Lemon, Cashew nut, so due to dense canopy the sunlight cannot enter down to the soil, because of having dense shadow. In this dense shadow, they cannot take intercrops. But they have cost of production for harvesting and other related work, electricity bill, irrigation water bill and labour charges. So, Zero Budget is not possible. So, I came on conclusion that I have to change the name. Because, there is no zero budget. When you persuade any matter as a truth in your ignorance, then this persuasion is not a sin or wrong up to that period. But, when you become aware about the reality that it is not actual truth, it is untrue or false, so also, if you are committing this mistake and continuing it in future, then it is sin, wrong and crime also. So, I have taken the firm decision to change the name. Then I started the debate on social media about the changing of the name ZBNF and causes behind it. There was a huge response from lakhs of follower farmers and city consumers and 99% has suggested me to change the name.

So called intellectual thieves who have stolen my technology

During this social media debate, there was one parallel series of incidents continued in the nation. It is very essential to discuss about this important incident. In India, there are so many farmers associations, social organizations, spiritual organizations, some non-government organizations (NGO’s) and so many individuals, all these organizations are leading part of promoting indigenous traditional cow dung based farming means Go aadharit Kheti, organic farming, cow based farming, chemical free farming, sustainable agriculture, nanak kheti, sajiv farming, veda’s farming and yogic farming. Organic farming is 100% foreign technology; it is not Indian swadeshi technique. But, so many NGO, social organizations, one farmer’s organization and some spiritual organizations also were promoting this foreign videshi organic farming, as a swadeshi Indian technology. It is 100% theft. How anybody can claim that it is spiritual and social?  But, now all these organizations, NGO’s and farmers organization came to know that, which organic technology they are promoting to the farmers, but farmers are not accepting, they are rejecting all these alternative farming technologies. Because they are not getting the result, production is reduced, cost of production is too much high than chemical farming, also are not practical, are laborious. So, some of these all organizations, NGO’s and farmers organization have started to use my Zero Budget Natural Farming methodology as a competent alternative in the place of all practicing organic farming, traditional farming, Veda farming, yogic farming and other farming technologies. But while promoting my method ZBNF, they have not used the real name Zero Budget Natural Farming and not taken founder Subhash Palekar name. They started to promote my methodology and philosophy on other names like ‘Cow based farming (Go aadharit kheti), Chemical free farming (Rasayan mukta kheti), Cow based organic farming (Go aadharit jaivik kheti), Sustainable agriculture (Shashvat kheti), Tikau kheti, Organic sustainable farming (Jaivik Shashvat kheti), Live agriculture (Sajiv kheti), Sawaye krishi, Sendriya Vyavasayam etc. and variable names. This behaviour is 100% pure theft (Chori) and robbery (Daketi); it is a crime also, done by so called white collar intelligent. So many my friends in these petty thieves were calling me about their robbery continuously. So I became alert. Then I started debate on social media about this robbery and demanded their suggestions about to expose these people and their robbery. To stop this robbery, what actions should be taken and if possible legal action? I got huge proportion of suggestions; there was huge response on social media. During this social media debate, two realities are came to know, the surprising reality that these thief people are showing my Zero Budget Natural Farming model farms to the funding agencies in the name of organic farming, veda farming, yogik farming, go aadharit farming, rasayan mukta farming and second surprising reality I came to know, maximum these people are related with one famous national level social organization, I do not want to expose this organization, but I will pray to God to give the conscience to them, we want their cooperation in future. After completion of debate on social media, one proposal which was agreeable to all, came from millions of global supporters that, to stop this robbery of these so called intelligent thieves, we have to change the old name Zero Budget Natural Farming and new name should be selected and in this new name, the name of founder of this philosophy and methodology Shri Subhash Palekar should be included, then these thieves will be automatically exposed. At last, the new name was launched- Subhash Palekar Natural (Spiritual) Farming (SPNF) mass movement. This new name is accepted as a policy and started to use also by Government of Himachal Pradesh, Government of Gujarat, Last Government of Andhra Pradesh, Government of Haryana and other Governments are also coming forward.

 Our own parallel system, we will establish

We do not want anything from anybody, not from the system and not from the government also. The God has given us tremendous huge proportion of all resources in the nature, then why we will demand any alms to anybody? Because, we are going to establish our own 100% national and rational swadeshi parallel comparable system, which will be based on the sustainable God given principles like knowledge, truth, science, religion (natural), and non-violence, five principles, which will not be against any individual or any system or any Government or any philosopher or any political party or any religion, or cast. Our parallel system will try to give the solutions to solve human made problems; will try to give the justice to any demand of living being. We will try to finish or minimize the pain, affliction, sorrow, exploitation, unessential efforts, toil and helplessness of all human, animals, birds, insects, micro-organisms, total biodiversity, may be this human is belonging to any religion, cast, philosophy, creed or any political party; our parallel system will do for them.

New name Subhash Palekar Spiritual (Natural) Farming (SPNF)

There are two parts of this new name- 1) Natural Farming and 2) Spiritual Farming. Why? I have clarified previously that Nature is the creation of God, not the creation of human. That means, nature is the constitution of God, so I say nature is the god, the visible formal live countenance of God. That means, which is natural, that becomes automatically spiritual. Which is existed in the nature, it is natural, so is spiritual. But, our so many friends did not come to know this reality. Those, who deny the existence of God, those atheists and those who accept the existence of God, those spiritual friends, both are hearty welcomed in our mass movement. So, those who are spiritual friends, they can utilize the name Subhash Palekar Spiritual Farming and those atheist friends can utilize the name Subhash Palekar Natural Farming. Basically these atheist friends are seeing the God standing in the form of nature, so, they cannot deny the existence of God. Both parties will be satisfied by this settlement. Those, who have participated in my workshop, read my books and visited the models of SPNF; they are agreeing 100% with this new name. But, those, who have listened my workshops on YouTube by millions of youth farmers, consumers and jobless youth, may be they are not aware 100% about difference between spiritual and natural, they can use natural farming name. We are not having any opposition against anybody, no any conflict (Clash) with anybody. The Indian constitution has given the freedom to everybody to keep faith in variable philosophies and to spread it, it is their human right and constitutional right also. So, how we can be against anybody? Those, who are promoting chemical farming and practicing, let them to do same, we have no any objection. As well as, those who are promoting organic farming, chemical free farming, Go aadharit krishi or sustainable farming, Nanak kheti or vedas farming or yogic farming, let them to promote, we have no any objection, and they have constitutional right to promote. Which farming technology should be accepted and practiced, this decision will be taken by the common farmers and by in coming time. But, those who are using my technology on variable names, it is 100% fraud and theft, so definitely we are against these people. But, if they will stop this crime, definitely they will be welcomed in our movement. Our Subhash Palekar Natural (Spiritual) Farming and Back To Nature mass movement is giving our free services to both, to save their lives from Corona virus, Cancer, Diabetes or Heart attack by giving poison free nutritious and medicinal food, also pollution free water and environment, suicide free loan free life. We are giving the solutions to solve their all problems. We are trying to give our free services living under constitutional directions. Those, who are the important part of our movement, they are belonging to all religions, all casts, all philosophies, all political parties. Because, we are giving the solutions to solve those problems, which are common for all religions, casts, parties and philosophies. I am giving my free service, not taking any honorarium of my continuous workshops; we have no any demand to any government, any organization or any funding agency. Then, how anybody can claim that we are against them? Those, who are opposing our movement that opposition is coming through their ignorance about our philosophy, principles and methodology. Basically they are not opposing our movement, but they are opposing themselves, are opposing against their real benefits, they are opposing their bright future.