Spiritual Farming

How Subhash Palekar Natural (Spiritual) Farming originated?

I have practiced and investigated all existing farming technologies from chemical farming to other techniques as organic farming, Yogic farming and Vaidik Farming and other all alternative farming technologies. I have studied minutely all these running technologies, then I have investigated these all technologies by practicing on my farm with comparative verification, which result I got; I have done the economic, social and spiritual valuation. At last, I came on the conclusion that I have to develop such type of God gifted agricultural philosophy and technology which will be totally different than the existing technologies and in which, there will be no requirement of any manure and fertilizer, production will not be reduced, but will increase, there will be no destruction of all natural resources like soil, water, environment, energy, living being and other biodiversities, but all these natural resources will become prosperous, by which the global warming and climate change will be restricted, which will face firmly all natural calamities and adverse impact of climate change, will keep the production cost zero or minimum, but will increase the production, in which, farmers suicides and migration will be stopped, the people will get poison free nutritious and medicinal food, pollution free water and environment, the people will not die by Cancer, Corona, Diabetes and Heart attack, and rural economy and national economy will not be exploited, keeping all these aims (targets) in front of my eyes, I have started my 12 year research work since 1988 to 2000.

                During my university education, I was working on my one research project in tribal people, situated in Satpuda Mountain in central India. Subject of my project was the overall direct indirect impact of forest ecosystem on the lifestyle of tribal people. During this tribal research work, I have seen that, there are huge trees, plants with uncountable fruits every year without any human existence and assistance in the forest. How these trees are giving these uncountable fruits, without human assistance? Which system of the God is working in this process in the forest? I was thinking deeply about the correct answer of these questions, which were emerged, in my mind continuously. At last, I thought that, I could get the correct answer for these questions from the dense forest, the natural constitution of God. Then it was finalized that the correct direction of my research work will show the finger towards the dense forest, the farming of the God, not with any agricultural university. Since 1973 to 1985, investigation of the utility or uselessness of traditional chemical farming was done and during 1985 and 1986 investigation of utility or uselessness of ancient indigenous traditional cow dung manure based Go aadharit farming, organic farming, Fukuoka natural farming, chemical free farming, sustainable farming, Veda’s farming, Yogic farming and other related farming technologies was done by me. Also during 1986-1987 in these two years my scientific minute study of forest natural eco system was also continued. Both projects continued together. During these two years of my detailed study of forest eco system in the nature at Satpuda mountain, as it was my secret mission, not aware by my family also, I have tried to discover the secrets of nature and at last I got maximum answers of so many questions, which were raised in my mind and were doing upset to me.


Tell us about the research work you have done?

Within these two years minute study of forest, what I got, I studied all these findings (observations) with comparative analysis. I got correct direction of my incoming research work through these findings. Then I divided my entire research work in 154 experiment projects according to soil types, soil micro biology, crop pattern, photo intensity, symbiosis, through variable mulching’s,  biological control, natural water management, varietal trials and local cow based trials. This research work was started by me on two pieces of my 18-acre land. Then I started my real research, it continued since 1988 to 2000, continuous 12 year. In these 154 projects, I started to investigate the actual result of variable Naxatras (approximately one Naxatra – 14-15 days), of variable charanas (One naxatra has 4 Charanas), in variable seasons (Rutu), in the Shukla Paksha (from the days of no moon means Amawas up to full moon- Pornima), in the Wadhya paksha (from full moon Purnima up to no moon means Amawas), on variable crops. Again I started to investigate that what is the result of soil mulching, straw mulching and live mulching (Intercrops and mixed crops) on the variable stages of crop growth, the comparative study of local seeds, straight line varieties, improved varieties, hybrid varieties and later recently genetically modified seeds on the crop production. Simultaneously, I started the minute study of this research work on financial valuation about favourable and adverse results. I was doing continuous critical evaluation, analysis and scientific validation of my all research trials. I continued my research work up to 12 years continuously since morning 6:30 to evening 7:30 every day.

For example, I will give the details of my one project among total 154 projects, so that you will be aware about the deepness and vast space of the research. For example, in cotton main crop, variable intercrops like cotton + Pearl millet (Bajra) + Green gram, Cotton + Black gram + Pearl millet, Cotton + Pearl millet + Cow pea (Chawali- Barbati), Cotton + Moth bean (Mataki) + Pearl millet, Cotton + Pearl Millet + Horse gram (Kulith), Cotton + Pearl millet + Beans (Kharif), Cotton + Maize + Cow pea + Pigeon pea, Cotton + Chilli + Black gram + Maize + Pigeon pea, Only Cotton alone- no intercrops control plot, Cotton + Pigeon pea – no other pulses intercrops, Pigeon Pea only – no intercrops control plot, Pigeon pea + Green gram, Pigeon pea + Ground nut, Pigeon pea (Arhar – Tur) + Black gram, Pigeon pea + Cow pea, Pigeon pea + Black gram + Pearl millet, Pigeon pea + Green gram + Cow pea + Maize, Pigeon pea + Cow pea + Sorghum (Jowar) + Green gram, Pigeon pea + Little millet + Cow pea. So many trials. Second trial was in main cotton crop result of the mulching of Pearl millet plants residues cut down on every 15 days (Naxatra) on the variable stage of cotton growth, at the stage when heads are come out, at the stage of flowering stage of the heads of pearl millet, at the milking stage of the seeds of pearl millet, at the matured stage of pearl millet seeds in the heads. That means in variable stages of Pearl millet growth, I was cutting the Pearl Millet crop and those residues were mulched immediately in between two lines of Cotton crops. Same trial on Pigeon pea main crop were done. Also, the trials on the density of straw mulching 3 inch, 4.5 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch, 1 foot and 1.5 foot, their results on the main crop, comparative observations, analysis and evaluation was continuously done. At every stage, observation of Cotton growth given by the mulching, analysis of those observations, writing all these observations in my diary every day. I have done this type of research experiments in all dry land and later on straight on the farmer’s farms irrigated crops.  All 154 projects continued in same line of research, observations, analysis and findings (results). Since morning, 6:30 to evening 7:30 continuous research work was going on. There was continuous discussion and debates on my research madness in my village and surrounding villages. The people were totally upset and at last, they declared that Subhash Patil (Palekar) became mad. This comment of the people about my madness was distinction for me.

So called intellectual thieves who have stolen my technology

During this social media debate, there was one parallel series of incidents continued in the nation. It is very essential to discuss about this important incident. In India, there are so many farmers associations, social organizations, spiritual organizations, some non-government organizations (NGO’s) and so many individuals, all these organizations are leading part of promoting indigenous traditional cow dung based farming means Go aadharit Kheti, organic farming, cow based farming, chemical free farming, sustainable agriculture, nanak kheti, sajiv farming, veda’s farming and yogic farming. Organic farming is 100% foreign technology; it is not Indian swadeshi technique. But, so many NGO, social organizations, one farmer’s organization and some spiritual organizations also were promoting this foreign videshi organic farming, as a swadeshi Indian technology. It is 100% theft. How anybody can claim that it is spiritual and social?  But, now all these organizations, NGO’s and farmers organization came to know that, which organic technology they are promoting to the farmers, but farmers are not accepting, they are rejecting all these alternative farming technologies. Because they are not getting the result, production is reduced, cost of production is too much high than chemical farming, also are not practical, are laborious. So, some of these all organizations, NGO’s and farmers organization have started to use my Zero Budget Natural Farming methodology as a competent alternative in the place of all practicing organic farming, traditional farming, Veda farming, yogic farming and other farming technologies. But while promoting my method ZBNF, they have not used the real name Zero Budget Natural Farming and not taken founder Subhash Palekar name. They started to promote my methodology and philosophy on other names like ‘Cow based farming (Go aadharit kheti), Chemical free farming (Rasayan mukta kheti), Cow based organic farming (Go aadharit jaivik kheti), Sustainable agriculture (Shashvat kheti), Tikau kheti, Organic sustainable farming (Jaivik Shashvat kheti), Live agriculture (Sajiv kheti), Sawaye krishi, Sendriya Vyavasayam etc. and variable names. This behaviour is 100% pure theft (Chori) and robbery (Daketi); it is a crime also, done by so called white collar intelligent. So many my friends in these petty thieves were calling me about their robbery continuously. So I became alert. Then I started debate on social media about this robbery and demanded their suggestions about to expose these people and their robbery. To stop this robbery, what actions should be taken and if possible legal action? I got huge proportion of suggestions; there was huge response on social media. During this social media debate, two realities are came to know, the surprising reality that these thief people are showing my Zero Budget Natural Farming model farms to the funding agencies in the name of organic farming, veda farming, yogik farming, go aadharit farming, rasayan mukta farming and second surprising reality I came to know, maximum these people are related with one famous national level social organization, I do not want to expose this organization, but I will pray to God to give the conscience to them, we want their cooperation in future. After completion of debate on social media, one proposal which was agreeable to all, came from millions of global supporters that, to stop this robbery of these so called intelligent thieves, we have to change the old name Zero Budget Natural Farming and new name should be selected and in this new name, the name of founder of this philosophy and methodology Shri Subhash Palekar should be included, then these thieves will be automatically exposed. At last, the new name was launched- Subhash Palekar Natural (Spiritual) Farming (SPNF) mass movement. This new name is accepted as a policy and started to use also by Government of Himachal Pradesh, Government of Gujarat, Last Government of Andhra Pradesh, Government of Haryana and other Governments are also coming forward

How you managed financial side during research work?

I had decided not to take any financial support from anybody for my research work before starting of actual research work. Since my childhood, my mother has given me direction that, in any stage of our family financial position, even in critical financial poor stage also, if you will have no money, do not demand any financial support from anybody, whether, they are strongly willing to give the financial support to you also. I am following this direction of my mother today also. I do not demand anything to anybody and I do not take my honorarium of my workshop or seminar, I am giving my services free. May be, you are unknown about that how much too costly is research work. When you take variable trials, comparative observations, we want huge labour, but there is no any surety of production. Because, we do not do the experiments for production. You have to sow the seeds and have to cut down the germinated plants every four days (Charana) or 15 days (Naxatra) to find out the result of straw mulching. How we can expect the production? What the income I was getting from my other land, through that income only my family expenditure was maintained. However, huge expenditure of research works done through the loan taken from moneylenders and by selling the golden ornaments of my wife (Chanda) and by selling my 10-acre land. To continue any research work for 12 year, it is not easy task. My wife was daughter of big landlord, but she has completely adjusted this poor financial condition very well during my research work. She and my both son Amol and Amit have adjusted themselves with this too much adverse financial condition and high-level psychological tension. They have strongly supported me and my research work in that situation of my critical life stage, where my all friends and close relatives have boycotted me indirectly. She has given me Himalayan support. But, she is no more today.

During the research period, you may have had face criticism, hatred and slander from everyone, how did you deal with it mentally?

To continue research work by selling the land and ornaments, my behaviour was pure madness for the people and their so-called social view. I was indirectly declared as a mad person, directly no body was torching me. In the daily discussions of the villagers and relatives, my research work was the centre point. Later on, this slander (Ninda- Aalochana) was converted in the scorn (Tiraskar). I was observing these changes silently. My family became alone. Because of this critical condition, I sent my wife; sons, father and mother at my residence at district place Amravati, so that they will not be disturbed more. Now I was alone in my village. I was helpless. May be Lord Krishna has given the definition of undisturbed totally stable, steady, firm, cool and calm mind, in Indian word this condition of mind is called Sthitpradhynata (being tranquil even in the condition of extreme happiness or unhappiness) in Bhagavat gita, a holy script of Indian ancient spiritual culture. But, it was not possible to me to maintain this Sthitpradhyanata of my mind in these totally adverse conditions. As a result, there was continuous flow of good and bad thoughts in my mind. Later those bad thoughts were converted into the thought of suicide myself. But, as this suicide thought was emerged in my mind, immediately the face of my wife and sons were coming in my mind, requesting me, no, no suicide. At that critical time of my life, my both sons Amol and Amit were small, but, were more sensible and judicious, understood this critical condition very well. As the thought of suicide was emerging in my mind, immediately the face and total devotional dedication of my wife Chanda in me any work path of creative work, was floating in my mind and on the screen of my internal soul, and that suicidal thought was dissolving in the past and present was cleared, my resolution (Sankalp) of research work was becoming more firm (steady and solid). My wife Chanda was always encouraging me that ‘you (myself) are not doing this creative work for your benefits, not for our earning, what we are doing that is done only for giving the firm solid solution for human society, animals, birds, insects, micro-organism, for entire biodiversity, may be our research work is madness for people, but, we are not committing any sin (Pap) or disobedience of constitution of India or any law, we are not doing any damage to anybody, so, do not excite your mind, go ahead, may be the God is taking our test, we have to give this test examination taken by the God with 100% success, it will be real pray to God, it will be the path towards best principles of best human that means religion (Natural constitution) financial saturation, aim and final beautitude- Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha. This adverse time will be finished, as after dark night, sun rises, you please continue your research work’. Because of this Himalayan support of my wife Chanda and both sons Amol and Amit, I became successful in passing this test examination taken by the God

What was the outcome of your research work?

Which good or bad experiences I got in my life, it was the earning of my last birth (Sanchit) and on that base foundation of my this Sanchit (Last birth earnings) I am building the big palace of my current life work (Karma), so, new prosperous luck, fate (Naseeb) is creating now of my current life, may be it is the desire of God. After (1988 to 2000) long 12 year research work tour, at last the God has given the reward (fruit) of my 12 year hard austere penance (Tapascharya) in my hand in new year (Gudipadawa) in 2000 in the form of new ultra-modern distinctive and unique philosophy, principles and methodology, I have given name – Zero Budget Natural Farming. A reward (fruit) given me by the God, was not expected by me. Because, result is not in my hand, only creative work is in my hand, but it is also a reality, we get the reward (fruit) for any unexpected work (Karma), if that work is based on truth and non-violence. I was sure that, definitely I will get new solution. Because, when I was in critical psychological torn in my mind, an internal voice was coming up from my invisible soul and was telling me, that don’t become excite, go ahead without any fear, everything will become correct according to desire and time table designed by God. Now my atheist and hypocrite friends will not believe in this incoming internal voice of the soul, which is the prime minister of God. I cannot give the scientific evidences about this internal voice. But, it is existed, we feel it every moment, it is an invisible dialogue with the invisible God through the internal invisible but non deniable soul. This dialogue is called contemplation with deep meditation (Chintan-Manthan) in Indian philosophy. My contemplation (Dialogue with God) has given me the philosophical constitution (Structure) to my methodology. Therefore, I have included the word natural and spiritual farming in the name of Zero Budget Natural (Spiritual) Farming. This name became famous.

I claimed that my philosophy and methodology is updated very new ultra-modern, because, it is. In the 12000-year history of human agriculture, every technology developed by human civilization for agriculture was claiming that manure and fertilizers are the food of the roots of every crop, so, it is most essential to utilize in large quantity. Subhash Palekar Natural Farming methodology is the first method of farming in entire 12000 year of history of farming that none of any manure and fertilizer is the food of root of any crop or tree, so, not necessary to utilize. There is God created methodology of God, which is only 100% responsible for best growth, development and production of crop or tree. So, to use any manure or fertilizer is not natural and spiritual behaviour of human, it is 100% atheism, Subhash Palekar Natural (Spiritual) Farming (SPNF) is not old technique, it is modern philosophy and methodology of agriculture and spiritual way of life.

Then how you started spreading this technique among the farmers?

During my research work, since 1994 I was writing my articles on my research every month for continuous five years in famous popular Marathi agricultural magazine ‘Baliraja’, which was published at Pune by chief editor Shri. Prabhakar Bhosale and which was read throughout Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh by Marathi speaking farmers. It was a big series of my articles, which became popular. These reader farmers and farming related organizations were waiting for me for my lectures and workshops. Therefore, I decided that what the divine message the God has given in my hand, it becomes my commitment to forward it (My methodology) to other huge global farmers and consumers also. Because, I am a postman or you can say messenger only, the God has given the letter (message) on my hand, my duty is to forward this letter to the address owner means to the farmers, as well as to the consumers. My first 12-year mission since 1973 to 1985 was to find out the reality whether Green revolution is an actual revolution or it is a big fraud and pre-planned conspiracy to exploit our economy. Twelve year research work, my second 12 year part of my mission since 1988 to 2000 of my research work, it was my mission, it is now completed. Now second phase of mission was to leave my village forever and go to the people to spread out this message of God. To stay in the village, it will be my selfishness to get entangled in my land, in my house, in my farming in my village. That means, I have to leave my village forever and go to global people on the new mission to spread out this philosophy and methodology throughout the world. I will not myself sacrifice, because, it was my commitment, which was given by God in my closed fist of my hand at my birth time. God has given the two aims (commitments) in my closed hands at my birth time 1st July 1949 to give my best services for only exploited people and to save the God created nature and strengthen it. Seventy percent exploited people are farmers, labours, workers and jobless youth. Without leaving the village forever, it will not possible. At last, in 2001, I left my village, not returned back then up to now, even after sinking my village in Bembala Dam water project; I have not built up my new home in new rehabilitee village also. Since 2001 to 2012, this period was my 12-year third span of my extension work and of building strong mass movement in the nation. Now, since 2013 my fourth span of movement is to spread our mass movement up to every farmers and every consumer in India up to 2024 for 12-year fourth span.

My first lecture was arranged by one social worker in his town near Pune, when I was sub editor of Baliraja Marathi magazine in 1997 at Pune. But the real starting point of this movement was my first three days’ workshop in the Bidar district of Karnataka state, which was organized by well-known farmers movement organization in South India, Karnataka Rajya Rayat Sangha, in the leadership of late Baswaraj Tambakhe, late Putannaiah and Chukki Nanjundswamy, daughter of world famous well known farmers movement leader and founder of Karnataka Rajya Rayat Sangha Dr Nanjundswamy, Krishnappa Gowda, Prof. Chandrashekhar Kadadi, a great campaigner of this movement. There was a great impact of that workshop on the Rayat Sangha and as a result, this Karnataka Rayat Sangha had organized my workshops throughout Karnataka. Then it was spread speedily in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala. Now it is spread in Central India, Western India, Northern India and North East India, means throughout India, and in foreign also. This mass movement now is automatically spreading throughout the world. Because it is the desire of the God and demand of the time. Now this movement has become so extensive in the world by myself written books in all languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati and my so many videos in all languages on YouTube and by social media, that now, United Nations Organization (UNO), FAO, Indian Government, NITI Aayog, last Telugu Desham Andhra Government, BJP lead Himachal Government, BJP lead Gujarat Government, BJP lead Haryana Government, Last Karnataka Government (Congress-Janata dal), Kerala CPIM Government have taken the notice seriously and are practicing seriously throughout state level, spreading message towards every village. Millions of younger educated farmers and jobless youth through entire world are downloading my videos from YouTube, studying seriously, and adopting. In addition, millions of city customers throughout the world are studying my 2 days back to nature workshop in English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Gujarati videos from YouTube and starting Subhash Palekar Natural (Spiritual) Farming on their terraces, balconies, windows and vacant spaces in the housing societies. My screen video workshops are going on 25 days in a month; I am taking my workshops in entire India and abroad in all languages continuously. Myself written so many books in English, Hindi, and Marathi are read throughout India and all these books are translated in all Indian major languages. We are organizing continuously best models visit tours regularly throughout India. That means, this movement is become now real mass movement. Near about 40 lakh (4 million) farmers are practicing Subhash Palekar Natural Farming (SPNF) throughout the nation. The opponent great walls are now fallen down automatically and opponents are becoming friendly, supporters and followers. The God gifted path is becoming clear now, so, I am seeing my aim transparently. One time during my research time I was alone, helpless, having all big forces in opposition, were restricting my path Journey. But, my path is now automatically cleared, we are walking, followers are coming, who will come with them, who will not come, without them our movement became first small streams, then became river, then become sea, in future- may be ocean.